Why don’t you support gay rights?

Earlier today I kinda hijacked a Facebook thread. Something rj would yell at me for so I decided I’d pose my quandary here by putting my message here. And sincerely asking the question why. I’ve blurred and removed the names (except my own).


Just so I’m clear ***** what you’re saying is that while you support *****’s basic human rights you wouldn’t support them if she were gay. Regardless of your personal beliefs of whether gay is a choice or is wrong or whatever you believe if you’re gay you are in face a second class citizen?

I’m trying to make sure I understand what you mean when you say you don’t support gay rights. So let me put this another way if you decide to vote for a law in Tennessee for example to not allow the marriage between a man and a man or a woman and a woman I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you that the efforts the Women’s Suffrage Movement are the reason you can vote now. You’re sex was treated as a second class citizen, as were African Americans and now the gay community with their rights to marry, among others are being blocked by people with your viewpoints, which to me honestly makes no sense. Why anyone would not support someone’s basic rights as an American based on creed, race, sex, or sexual orientation is completely beyond me. Especially (and I am going to pre-apologize for how this is going to come across) individuals who use God as their reason to stop someone else’s rights to the same freedoms as their own. That to me doesn’t sound very godlike at all.

Now, for a moment as I step off my high horse I go back to my original question as to why you don’t support gay rights. I’m not asking if you agree with the, as you may likely put it “lifestyle choices” I’m asking why you would rather put some people in a classification lower than your own in relation to the freedoms they have as a citizen of this country. I’m simply asking why? Why do that to another human begin? Why, in the name of whatever cause or reason, would you choose to say no I don’t support your rights to have the same rights as I do? Why? And this is a question at the core of all the controversy I can never seem to understand an answer to. I actually understand, while I don’t’ agree with, why many Christians feel being gay is a choice, and a wrong one at that. I understand that because not understanding and having an emotional connection to a belief can be a strong motivator to just know in your heart it is wrong. But by that same token (the very same token you used to express ****’s right to support gay rights in fact) would someone not support another person’s rights, period. Gay, straight, black, brown, white, yellow, male, female or transgender….


  1. And now… they are actually trying to pass a law that will deny service to an individual based on the same sort of illogic. Sadly, it seems that current trend is to undo everything that the ERA was passed to promote in the way of equality and representation of all humans as equal. Given some of the laws proposed, I am genuinely terrified for my own rights as well as those of people I for whom I care deeply.

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