His name is Stephen Rea but you can call him “rev” and yes that does mean reverend, but more on that a little later. The rev has several years’ experience in project management, change control and corporate training, in addition to IT Consultation and full-time Senior Network and Security Administration, designing, implementing, migrating and maintaining Microsoft Windows Networks, as well as remote site solutions such as SharePoint, Exchange RPC, VPN and Terminal Services. In the past Rea has overseen migrations for Netware to Active Directory, been employed as the Systems and Security Administrator for a multi-million dollar software company supporting Native and Mixed mode Windows Environments, SharePoint implementations, etc. and has been active in the Microsoft TechNet Community. In the past rev has been involved with and overseen the design and deployment of a Boot Camp Training Program for the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer: Security program at new Horizons, in addition to providing continued training in SharePoint products and services. The rev has consulting and delivering experience with Thompson, ElementK, CompTIA and Microsoft Official Courses in an ILT format to help others in the industry obtain Certifications and pursue career advancement in the Information Technology Industry. Currently rev work for AT&T as a Principal Technical Architect in Hosting & Applications Services, while he is a SME for Active Directory, Microsoft SharePoint and Citrix XenApp and has built custom High Availability and Disaster recovery solutions for both Citrix and SharePoint he spends most of his time designing new Microsoft SharePoint environments for Fortune 500 companies.

The nickname “.rev” was coined by one of his close friends several years ago after he volunteered to obtain an online ordination to perform a wedding for a couple he knew personally. This witty little joke calling him “The Rev” quickly became simply “.rev” as his ordination to the Universal Life Church was done officially and totally via the Internet. The name eventually stuck with him even into his profession as a Microsoft Certified Trainer and thus the tagline that started it all; “whole world…meet the rev, rev…meet the whole world.” Prior to his experience in the Information Technology Field rev spent time in East Tennessee as a Disc Jockey for a Top-40 [CHR] Radio Station. He also spent time touring the East Coast as an Improvisational Comic. He still takes jobs occasionally doing voice over work for small and medium sized business for marketing commercials and radio advertisements, and his sense of humor can be found in any classroom he walks into.

Some of rev’s other nerdy credentials include a tour of the Eastern US states with the Microsoft Across America Road Show as a Technical Specialist and Presenter. In 2005 rev took a sabbatical from teaching to join the team at Microsoft to deliver product demonstrations to Microsoft Partners, and their customers, interested in Small Business Server, Great Plains, CRM, Exchange, RMS, SQL Server, SharePoint and others. Since that time rev has held general group discussions at TechED as a Technology Subject Matter Expert for the Microsoft Windows.

He has a personal blog where he talks about his weight loss journey over @ findinglean.com a photography site @ revpixel.com and he recently launched an entire podcast network over at thatstupidpodcast.com so needless to say this site isn’t likely going to see too many posts. Instead for the time being whenever rev feels he has something to say that doesn’t quite fit the mold on those other sites he’ll just drop a little word vomit here.

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    This is Chandler with Whipp Parking. I tried to reply to your email but was blocked because I was not in allowed group so this is the only way I had to get ahold of you. I’m sorry to hear that you received a ticket, this shouldn’t have happened at all and I’ll be glad to take care of that for you.

    I have actually already had the ticket removed so you can forget about it.
    We’ve noted this incidence and will do our best to make sure it won’t happen again because it wasn’t your fault at all.

    Thanks for using Whipp and please let me know if you need anything else and I”ll be glad to take care of it for you.


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